Post-uni blues

Uni course complete- check
Graduation- just around the corner
Job- ………….?

As graduation looms, and family and friends offer their congratulations and a pat on the back, I can’t help but feel a little bit nervous. Over the past month (since completing my course in media and communications) numerous expectant, smiling faces have asked me the same question; “So what are you going to do now?” Most seem perplexed when all I can offer is a shrug and a mumbled, “I really don’t know.” Many well wishers have suggested I try and get a job at the Sydney Morning Herald; Channel 7 they argue would be ideal, or what about the ABC, my dad wants to know.

Up until now I have wrapped myself tightly in that warm, protective cocoon that IS student life. Whenever anyone asked, “So what do you do?” my answer was always the same, “I’m a student.” I was not questioned; I was not looked down upon. Being a ‘student’ was my crutch and now that it’s been violently ripped away from my body I feel entirely exposed, and completely petrified.

The search for a job is daunting. Entry level positions are rare, and the rest I simply don’t qualify for due to my lack of experience. Even as I attempt to find a casual job until something more suitable comes along, I meet obstacles. I couldn’t even get a job as a waitress if I tried. Most restaurants and cafes require at least two years experience. So what’s a girl to do? Work for free I guess, which is what I have started to do by volunteering at 2ser radio.

But still, my future seems uncertain.

I feel like I’ve been pushed out from underneath an enormous tilia tree. No longer do I enjoy the cool protection of its shade. I’m out in the blaring sunlight, and I can barely see where I’m going…


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