Sia at the Enmore Theatre

Sia Furler

Enmore Theatre, Sydney

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2010 was a big year for Sia. After more than a decade of releasing music, the 35-year-old, Adelaide-born singer is finally enjoying the recognition she deserves, thanks the release of her fifth solo album, ‘We Are Born,’ which debuted at number two on the ARIA charts.

Last week I was lucky enough to see the amazingly talented, and irresistibly charming Sia perform at Sydney’s Enmore Theatre. Her eclectic blend of Jazz, RnB, Soul and pop, provided an equally eclectic mix of humans walking through the doors of the ‘Furnace’ formally known as the Enmore Theatre. The cool kids sipped beer with the queens, and middle-aged mums gyrated up against cute zygotes wearing skinny leg jeans.

Not surprisingly, the 8pm start time stated on our tickets actually meant 9.30pm, so I had a solid hour to enjoy the non-air-conditioned venue (in the middle of a Sydney heat wave), half-listen to the opening act- The Holiday’s- and make some lovely new friends who would sporadically fan me with the crumpled up fliers they’d absentmindedly grabbed on their way in.

It also gave me a chance to appreciate Sia’s wacky set design, filled with multi-coloured crocheted nanna blankets, hippy rugs, loads of stripes, and kind of looked like it was a Big Ted short of a Play School set. It was great!

When Sia finally did grace the stage, the Play School theme continued as she waddled to the microphone wearing a pink tutu, black ruffled top, and mass amounts of black body paint covering her exposed flesh – face and all! Strapped to her back, was what appeared to be an old cardboard box that had been ripped apart, painted black, and held precariously together with sticky tape. Jemima would be proud! Meanwhile, her band members all looked like giant candy-canes; donning colourful, stripy get-ups. It really did look like an art and craft wonderland!

Aside from the kooky set, Sia’s performance was flawless. Her voice is, quite simply, unreal. She entertained the sweaty crowd with a few of her older tracks, and a plethora of new ones, from her latest album, ‘We Are Born.’

Throughout the night Sia was crazy, sarcastic, and engaged in playful banter between almost every song, in her adorably cutesy, High 5 voice – not to mention her crazy cackle, which is deliciously infectious.

My only complaint (aside from the lack of air-conditioning) is that Sia’s set didn’t last long enough. Her battle with Graves Disease – an autoimmune disorder affecting the thyroid – could be the reason she can’t perform for prolonged periods of time. After a bit of cyber-digging I discovered that symptoms of Graves Disease include increased sweating, warm and moist skin, and heat intolerance. No wonder she couldn’t get off the stage quick enough, the poor girl! She also announced last year that due to her illness she will stop promoting and touring. But no fear, she will continue to create and release new music,

“Someday I’ll die. Between now and then I’m going to keep my shit together and sing my fucking heart out.”

Lets hope so!

 “I’ve always been obsessed with the beauty of sign language. The movement and expression just appears, to ignorant-hearing-me as a dance… a beautiful, emotive dance. But the real beauty is that, hidden in these perfect shapes, is communication.” Sia


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