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  1. Oops, this form prepopulated with my other site – no matter. Saw your comments on ThaiPulse.com/blog/ thanks. I am roaming around your blog now. Koh Tao is a great place to live – but a bit barren! I think you’re talking about a month or so vacation, so I think – a great place for that. I’ve heard the snorkeling / diving is very good.

    There is a pizza shop in Surat – and the owner also has one on Koh Tao. In Surat it is named Milano’s. It’s excellent. The owner lives on Koh Tao – or did, and no idea what the name of that pizza place is – but, worth researching if pizza is important to you. Lol. Pizza is very important to me.

    Ok then – write more about Thailand!



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